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Every investment property owner finds out soon enough that property ownership isn't just about collecting rent and keeping the property in shape. At EasyRentalTools we continuously add articles that help investors with both common rental ownership concepts and little-known issues that can trip up an otherwise profitable rental property. EasyRentalTools also has handy calculators to help with things like depreciation, mortgage payments, etc. Enjoy!

Rental Property Depreciation Examples

The first year of depreciation on a rental property will differ depending on the month first made available as a rental.     read article

Appliance Depreciation Examples

Some examples of depreciating appliance purchases for rental properties based on time of year purchased.     read article

What Is Chattel?

Chattel is the peronal property portion of a rental property, e.g. appliances, carpets, some electrical fixtures, etc.     read article

Rental Property Cost Segregation

A rental property can have larger depreciation deductions in its first years by separating out property components.     read article

How to depreciate appliances

Appliances (refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washer/dryers, etc.) for rental properties are depreciated over 5 years.     read article

How to depreciate carpets and other flooring.

Carpeting is depreciated over either five years or 27.5 years depending on how it is installed. Most other types of flooring are depreciated using the 27.5 year schedule only.     read article

Rental Property Depreciation Basics

Residential rental property depreciation in the U.S. is calculated over 27.5 years. Appliances and carpets purchased for a rental are depreciated over 5 years.     read article
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