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Every investment property owner finds out soon enough that property ownership isn't just about collecting rent and keeping the property in shape. At EasyRentalTools we continuously add articles that help investors with both common rental ownership concepts and little-known issues that can trip up an otherwise profitable rental property. EasyRentalTools also has handy calculators to help with things like depreciation, mortgage payments, etc. Enjoy!

Buying U.S. property as a foreign buyer. (Part 1 - the purchase process)

Each state has its own buying process but most are similar. Normally the documents used are uniform from transaction to transaction and are "fill in the blank" in nature.     read article

Foreign ownership of U.S. real estate - taxes (IRS).

Rental income from a foreign owned U.S. property can be taxed at either a flat rate or after deducting expenses.     read article

Foreign ownership of U.S. real estate - common questions.

Purchase transaction methods vary by state but LLCs are most commonly used to hold real estate as a foreign owner.     read article
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