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Every investment property owner finds out soon enough that property ownership isn't just about collecting rent and keeping the property in shape. At EasyRentalTools we continuously add articles that help investors with both common rental ownership concepts and little-known issues that can trip up an otherwise profitable rental property. EasyRentalTools also has handy calculators to help with things like depreciation, mortgage payments, etc. Enjoy!

Are Vacant Rental Property Expenses Deductible?

Vacant rental properties must be available for rent in order for expenses to be deductible.     read article

Three Common Rental Income Mistakes

The IRS has some income reporting mistakes they look for on rental property tax returns. Here's three common ones.     read article

How to Analyze Apartment Building Financials

Apartment buildings are bought and sold based on financial performance. Getting accurate financial information for any apartment purchase is of utmost importance.     read article

What is Net Operating Income?

Net Operating Income (NOI) excludes some common expenses associated with investment property. It is important not to confuse NOI with taxable income or cash flow.     read article

College Rental Tips

Renting to college students is less scary and more profitable than most people think – if you do it right.     read article
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