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Appliance depreciation calculator

This calculator will calculate the annual depreciation amount(s) for appliances (new or used) and things like drapes and carpet that are purchased for your rental property.  Purchases for a single property should be computed by year since your deprecation amounts for any one item can change based on the other purchases made for the property during the year. For more on this see appliance depreciation.

 1)  Give this item a short descriptive name (example - "fridge", "drapes", "stove", "carpet", etc.).

 2)  Please select the month and year the item was purchased and placed in service in your rental.


 3)  What was the purchase price of the item?


 4)  Enter any sales tax paid.


 5)  Enter any delivery/setup charge.


 6)  For this simple calculator you can add up to five items purchased for any single rental in a given year.

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