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Rental Property Depreciation Calculator

This depreciation calculator will show the annual depreciation deduction for a U.S. residential rental property in its simplest form. This calculator will work for single family homes, condos, townhomes and duplexes thru four-plexes. Just follow the steps shown and the results will follow. For a brief example on how to use the calculator below see our depreciation calculator how-to video.

1)  Please select the month and year the property was purchased as a rental (the closing date).


2)  What was the purchase price of the property?


 3)  Which of the following best describes the property?

  • It was a rental when I bought it (or I immediately put it up for rent when I bought it).
  • Some time passed before I put it up for rent (for example - I remodeled the bathroom and kitchen and put it up for rent a couple of months later).

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